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millennial: pertaining to a thousand years, as a millennial period.
maven: an expert or connoisseur, often especially a self-proclaimed one.

Randall is dedicated to finding the control techniques of the future, so as to construct the ultimate cult.

disclaimer: this is not intended to reflect badly on any religion, known or unknown to the author. These are the absurd adventures of a power-crazed cult leader who is happy enough to share his manipulative and lighthearted techniques with all who will be joyously misled. Any connection to the real personality of Randall Watters is merely a coincidence.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Cultic: new RealVideo clips!

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sandbut.gif (925 bytes) prophets in a sense

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sandbut.gif (925 bytes) my new cult in Port Douglas, Australia

sandbut.gif (925 bytes) How to Preach Another Gospel (essay)

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How to Avoid Getting Tarred and Feathered While Peddling Your Inane Philosophy

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