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1984 and Big Mother (Orwell revisited)

A Touching Love Story
Abused by the Elders
Abused by the Publishers
Active Force Behind the Watchtower; Holy Spirit or Deceptive Spirits?
African-American Issues Among Jehovah's Witnesses
Apocalypse, Lure of the
Apostasy in the Bible
Are Jehovah's Witnesses good parents?
Armageddon Okies - 1st Cult Serial On the Web
Armageddon Syndrome

back issues of the Free Minds Journal
Baptism: New Light on What It Really Means
Bethel Chronicles
Blacks and the Watchtower
Blood and the Law of God
Blood and the Rh Factor
Blood-related Stories about Jehovah's Witnesses
Blood: Is It Really Forbidden by Jehovah's Witnesses?
Blood: Revisions on the Blood Issue (1997)
Body of Christ
Book Review: A History of Jehovah's Witnesses from a Black American Perspective
Born Again
Broccoli and Cheese Soup Memo

Children: The Introduction Of Phobias (Deep Rooted Fears) And Other Development
Churches: Are the Churches the Body of Christ?
College Education Ban Now "Old Light"
Coming Out of the Watchtower: Why Is It So Difficult?
Comparison of Two Views of Hell
Confronting Witness Relatives
Contributions to Free Minds, Inc.
Crisis of Conscience: former GB member Raymond Franz Speaks Out
Critique of "Transfusion-Free Medicine" video
Cross: Did Jesus Die on a Cross? and New Evidence for the Crucifixion
Cults: Do They Follow the Same Patterns?

Dates and the Watchtower
Dates from the Watchtower
Deprogramming and Exit-Counseling
Disfellowshipping and Simon Says: Shun Your Family
Disfellowshipping II: Simon Says...
Divorce My Jehovah's Witness Mate?
Doctrinal Refutations of the Watchtower Society's Teachings

Early Church Fathers: notes from regarding doctrine
Eight Marks of A Mind Control Cult
English Watchtower-produced Booklets and Miscellaneous Publications for sale

Families Broken Apart by Jehovah's Witnesses: Can They Be Restored?
Family Connection: When A Cult May Not Be Your Worst Enemy (family involvement)
Famous Sound Clips from Watchtower History
Franz Incident (1980 at Bethel)
Free Minds After Hours
Free Minds Journal

Growing Up Within the Watchtower: How Parents Are Taught to Influence Their Children

Heaven: Why All Christians Go To,
historical, grammatical, interpretive method
History of the Watchtower Society
How Big Is the Watchtower?
How the "Remnant" Knows They are "Anointed"
How to be Successful in Christian Ministry to JWs
How to Respond to Jehovah's Witnesses at Your Door
How To Tell Your Children You Have Been In A Cult

Indoctrination Process: A Psychological and Sociological Examination
Inheriting the Property of Non-JWs After Armageddon
INSIGHT on the Scriptures: book review

Jehovah's Witness Women
Jehovah-the Name
Jesus Christ--Who Is He?
Joining the Club (how cults are like clubs)

Kids of Jehovah's Witnesses

Learning the Techniques of Exit-Counseling with Steven Hassan
Legal Issues FAQ regarding Watchtower
LIES My Mother Told Me
LIFE After Leaving the Watchtower
Life After the Watchtower
Links to other Watchtower-related websites
Lo Que Necesita Saber Acerca de las Sectas por Steven Hassan
Los grandes contrastes y contradicciones de la WATCHTOWER (LA ATALAYA)
Los Tiempos De Los Gentiles
Love of Structure or Love of God
Luckiest Boy In the World

Major Proposal Reveals Watchtower Magazine Cost
Mind Control or Brainwashing? and Fear of Apostasy
Miseducation of Jehovah's Witnesses
Money: Fraud in Donation Arrangement
Money: How the Watchtower Was Financed (pre-1990)
Money: Scandal in Malta
Money: The Watchtower Way of Laundering, (post-1990)
Myths and Facts About Cult Involvement

New Light from Old Books and Dead Opposers
New Light on Civil Service in lieu of Military Service
New Light: "This Generation"
New World Translation and Its Critics
New World Translation: Misleading Revisions In,
Newer Light: "This Generation" Returns by Popular Demand
Notes from the 1993 District Assembly re: Future Changes
Nueva Luz de Libros Antiguos Y Opositores Muertos

Old Watchtower Book Purchasing Tips
Old Watchtower Publications For Sale
Opening the Closed Mind: How to Talk to JWs
Other language articles regarding Jehovah's Witnesses

Personality Disorders Resulting From Physical And Emotional Abuse
Presidents: Summary of the Five Presidential Eras
Psychological and Recovery Issues related to Jehovahs Witnesses
Publications for sale About Jehovah's Witnesses
Punishment Vibe: Use of psychological punishment in controlling cult members

Quackery and Medicine: The Watchtower Society and Medical Quackery
Queridos Miembros del Cuerpo Gobernante
Quotes From the Watchtower On Psychiatry

Rage: The BOMB
Randy Watters' Story
RAPE: Watchtower Society's response to members being raped
Recent submissions on witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses
Recent submissions re: general JW subjects
Recent submissions re: growing up in the Watchtower
Recent submissions re: litigation/lawsuits/legal issues
Recent submissions re: relationships
Recent submissions re: spiritual journeys
Recent submissions regarding suicide
Recovery of Faith in God
Recovery of Faith In Self
References used in "Should You Believe in the Trinity"
REFLECTIONS (Gary Busselman)
Resurrection, Body, Judgment
Rules for Christian Living
Russell's Burial Site and Pyramid
Rutherford's Anti-Prohibition Stance

Salvation in Jesus Christ
sampling of quotes from the Governing Body
Secret Files of the Watchtower: Cover Up
Shunning: A One-Legged Stool
Shunning: A Part of the Faith of Jehovah's Witnesses
Sin and Salvation, Law and Freedom
Sleeping with the Enemy
Stories from the Watchtower World
Submit Your Jehovah's Witness-related Experience
Suicides in Nova Scotia
Support Groups, Starting and Maintaining (Bruce Laughton-Christian Perspective)

Testimony of Randall Watters
The Eclectic Marriage
The most burned book in the Western World
The Way I See It... by Gary Busselman
The WTB&TS: The Critical Years (1975-1997)
Theocratic War Strategy: Why Jehovah's Witnesses Lie In Court
Time: Does the Passing of Time Heal All in the Watchtower?

Un entendimiento del control mental de la Watchtower
Understanding Watchtower Phobias: How and Why the Watchtower Uses Fear
Undoing the "Judge" (Rutherford)
UNITY: Why Only the Cults Seem to Achieve It
Urban Room of Free Minds Inc Website

Video Clips

Waiting For Armageddon (the Dish from the Kingdom Hall)
War, Evil and Self-Defense
Watchtower & Awake! Magazines and Books for sale
Watchtower Teaches Youngsters To Give False Testimony in Court
What are the best books to get for the new person?
What Happened in 1975?
What is Free Minds, Inc.?
What To Say When Cults Boast of their Unity
When Prophecies Fail (study of cognitive dissonance)
Why Some Can't Leave the Watchtower and Why Disfellowshiped Persons Often
WITNESSES of JEHOVAH (the movie)
Women Who Are Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses
Women Who Must Recover Years Lost in the Watchtower

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