Lower Manhattan with Watchtower Properties

Lower Manhattan, New York with various Watchtower properties (Click to see expanded picture)

the Bethel Chronicles

Inside chronicles from the Brooklyn headquarters of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.
Dedicated to the thousands who have donated years of their lives inside the walls of Bethel.

Franz Incident era mp3s (1965-1985)
Edward Dunlap, former Watchtower Gilead Instructor on the Franz Incident
John May (and Martin Merriman) from Ireland, on their visit to the U.S. to determine the fate of Raymond Franz
Cris and Norma Sanchez, former Bethel Spanish translators testimony of how they were treated at Watchtower headquarters in 1979
Randall Watters and Robert Sullivan, What Happened at the Watchtower Headquarters in the Spring of 1980?

former Bethelites Guest Book  (mostly from the late 90s, early 2000s)

Anecdotes on Bethel life in the 70s   archives:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12  
13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   abbreviated summary

Barbara Anderson's Anecdotes from Life at Bethel (tour of Beth-Sarim and Rutherford's secret grave)

Randall's Classics:

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society: The Critical Years 1975-1997
the Franz incident
Fred Franz Discredits Concept of a "Governing Body"
My letter to the Governing Body in 1980 (letter of disassociation)
What Happened at Bethel in the Spring of 1980 (first eyewitness account printed in 1981)
Randy's Scrapbook from Bethel - fellow workers pictures
testimonies of former Bethel workers
former Gilead registrar Ed Dunlap's notes
political cartoons from inside Bethel
QUAK'S CARTOONS reveal inside secrets!
the Presidents
the Governing Body
Warren Schroeder (1979-1982 at Bethel)
Gene Smalley and the Blood Transfusion Issue
New Boy's "Life at Bethel"
Former Service Dept. Bethelite John Bechtel on cults
Real comments from the morning Bethel tables 
Territory map from Bethel congregation (Linwood, East New York)
Factory Pressroom Personnel when Randy was a floor overseer (May 1980)
Letters to the Governing Body (collection)
UPDATE on new members of the Governing Body (8/25/05)
Barbara Anderson's Anecdotes from Life at Bethel
Mark Palo: I was molested by a member of the Governing Body
Homosexuality at Bethel and among members of the Governing Body
Twenty-Five Years after Bethel - friends reunited
Bethel, the Truth, and Pleasing Your Parents
Subliminal Art in Watchtower Publications by Bethel Artists
The Four Presidents of the Watch Tower Society
All About the Governing Body
My Letter to officials re: the DUMBO property: WT plans to build new buildings (12/16/03)
My Two Week Consulting Trip to Bethel (new 9/5/03)
Department Heads at Brooklyn Bethel & Patterson (9/12/00)
A Sect Grows in Brooklyn
the Governing Body Grows Old
their neighborhood
review of Crisis of Conscience (book by Raymond Franz)
Armageddon Museum
View from my room at Bethel (circa 1978) with Twin Towers at sunset

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