Governing Body

of Jehovah's Witnesses

Early Times:

private photo taken of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1975

upper row, left to right: Daniel Sydlik (deceased April 19, 2006), Theodore Jaracz, Raymond Franz (resigned in 1980), Lyman Swingle (deceased), Lloyd Barry (died in 1999), Milton Henschel (deceased 5th president, top), William Jackson (deceased, bottom) Karl Klein (died Jan 2001), Grant Suiter (deceased), Albert Schroeder (deceased March 9, 2006), Leo Greenlees (forced resignation)

bottom row: Ewart Chitty (forced resignation), Frederick Franz (deceased, 4th president), Nathan Knorr (deceased, 3rd president), George Gangas (deceased), John Booth (deceased), Charles Fekel (deceased)

not shown: John Barr, Carey Barber (deceased), Martin Poetzinger (deceased), Gerrit Losch, Samuel Herd, Geoffrey Jackson, Steven Lett, Anthony Morris, Guy Pierce, David Splane

UPDATE with pictures (8/26/05)

Four new members were added on 10/3/1999 to the Watchtower's Governing Body. All claim to be of the anointed. In contrast to the other eight, they are presumably fairly young. They are:

Samuel Herd - former district overseer, living at Bethel this past year, also the first African/American on the GB.
Guy Pierce - former circuit overseer, living at Bethel this past year,
Steve Lett - (our) former circuit overseer, living at Bethel this past year,
David Splane - was missionary in Canada, Bethel for some years, graduated from the 42nd class of Gilead September 1966.


Gerrit Lösch Samuel Herd  Guy Pierce Steve Lett David Splane

UPDATE (8/25/05) Two new Governing Body members

Anthony Morris raised a family and then went into the traveling work. Later they were called to Patterson.
Geoffrey Jackson is an Australian who was a missionary and a branch committee member before being going to Patterson.

Anthony Morris Geoffrey Jackson

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