Cabeen's Secret Book

Created by Watt (Randy Watters) at the peak of the "great apostasy" witch hunt (to eradicate Bethelites who dared keep their common sense and personal dignity) in early 1980 as a "going away" present for Tom and Gloria Cabeen. Tom was the Pressroom Overseer and he and his wife were very close with Ray and Cynthia Franz, Ed Dunlap, and many others who were later disfellowshipped for apostasy or asked to leave Bethel for the same reason. Randy was Tom's assistant at the end.


How final it sounds!

But it wasn't the end.

It was only the beginning of troubles for the Watchtower.

Read on!


Note: All cartoons were made in the pressroom during working hours.

witch hunt part I: the Bible Becomes "Suspicious"

witch hunt part II: Inquisition

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