Broccoli and Cheese Soup Memo

 To Randy Watters

Dear Randy,

We have noticed that you wrote to our head office requesting more information on the custom of progressive revelation relative to the broccoli cheese soup and other menu items of December 23, 1996.

Just so you will know: Never did we say we had the "ONLY" best recipe for onion / garlic potatoes. And never did we say we were the "ONLY" divinely directed restaurant. We simply said: "We are divinely directed and we have the best recipe for onion / garlic potatoes." And never did we say that the potatoes were "required" to be Northern whites, we only suggested that they "should" be Northern whites. It has been reported to us that some of the cooks and bakers have been taking our suggestions and guidelines and turning them into rules. Certainly our cooks are not perfect and are just normal men, subject to making mistakes like anyone. And only in the setting of the Governing Grommet meetings are the bakers and cooks divinely directed and then only as a group, since the bank requires two signatures on all checks. Certain salad ingredients become "questionable" (by us) in time, and new understanding becomes apparent of what constitutes a "true" sandwich. As this awareness unfolds, it is our duty to provide the customers with a "corrected" understanding along with the proper publication explaining the current information for a (suggested) donation. This in no way implies we are false bakers for false bakers do not admit it when they burn the biscuits. Some of the bakers have noticed some taxes being paid by our customers and we have taken certain steps to correct this condition and to bring more nourishment to our retirement fund. We are starting the policy of eliminating prices from our food items and we are simply taking donations, at the time the food is served. We suggest a donation of $10.00 for the lunch special.

We are happy to continue to serve you under these terms. We hope we have been helpful and that you will re-direct your thinking to the items on the current menu rather than the older features from years ago.

Your friends from: "Meat At The Proper Time".

The best place in town to meat your friends.

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