Armageddon Okies part II

by Gary Busselman

#6 Letter from Home

Chicken Pluckin and Kittenball

Dear Randy,

A lot has happened since you were here last time. We had to take Maw in for an eye exam last week per the suggestion of the elders. Yeah, after her comment at the Watchdog study meeting, four of em came up to her afterwards and told her that she should have her eyes examined. We had quite a discussion after the meeting about those series of articles about homosexuality. Brother Richard Noze liked the articles and three elders stuck up for him. We've been having a lot of no-shows at the Theochronic Misery school meeting. Last week it was all sisters and me. I didn't bring my glasses and I couldn't read the Society's meeting manuscript, so sister Smiley, sister Neew, sister Billows and Maw all had parts. None of them brought their hats but luckily we had LeRoy's Wonder World bag still in the pickup. Boy, some of those sisters sure looked weird with those big eared caps on. Sister Billows laughed so hard that she had one of her spells. Sis even commented about it in the pickup on the way back from the hospital.

Crops look good. Bubba's out mowing the pasture east of where the little barn used to be with the John Deere so we can have a congregation picnic and kittenball game here Saturday afternoon after service. We're inviting the worldly neighbors so Bubba and the other pioneers can count their time right up to chore time. Boy I hope what happened last time doesn't happen again. Sister Neew was catcher in the kittenball game and her pants split but she didn't know went extra innings cause little Mike forgot about keeping tract. Bubba is in charge of baking the beans again. He says the secret is equal beans and onions. Last time we had to go get extra fans half way through the meeting on Sunday.

We were gonna get a congregation picture but decided to wait till after chicken pluckin time so as sister Smiley would have the money for a partial plate to replace those two front teeth that she lost two weeks ago Sunday in that screen door incident up on windy hill. She sure sounds funny at the meeting when she sings "Rejoice". It sounds like she's saying "ree-dooid." Brother Haad won't sit in front of her anymore.

I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do. Since I quit the township board they are right back to not grading our road again. This persecution is really getting bad.

Well, got to close for now. I hear Granny banging on the back porch door to be let back in. It's a shame she has such a hard time with those new steps to the outhouse. Last time she made all 12 by herself was when old Luke the hound cold-nosed her up under her nightgown. We got four pioneers from Little Rock staying for a couple weeks in the trailer they made from plans they got from the Society under the live elm tree. One of them is a girl, is trying to teach Bubba to read. They was at it till late last night in the separator room since that has the big lite bulb.

Love from all, write when you get time.

Gary B.

PS: We ran out of handbills for the special talk so LeRoy has all his friends at the home copying some off by hand for us. He sure picks his nose more after that week you was here.


#7 Letter from Home

Don't Mess with the TRUTH

Dear Randy,

Boy, I'm out of breath. This has been a rough week. We been chopin firewood for next winter. The throwout bearing on the Dodge is out again. Granny did it pickin up bales...rides the clutch too much. We had LeRoy home to ride with her to keep her awake. We don't want anything like last time to happen again. Me and Maw took the John Deere to town for parts 'n groceries and Maw had an appointment at the beauty shop she didn't dare to miss. Too bad Bubba took the umbrella off when he mowed under the trees....that would have come in real handy on the way home. That's the first time I ever saw the creek that high.

Man, did I get a surprise in town! Right in the babyfood isle in the Econo mart on the end with the crackers and the paperback books there's uncle Dub pushing the busted wheel cart. I tried to pretend that I don't notice him but I know he saw me. He still looks pretty mad about what I said to him about him not wanting to study with me and Bubba. He told Granny that was the worst thing he ever heard. Well, too bad for him....he had his chance. We do have the truth and he should know that. He sure was fun to go fishing with though....all those stories.... and that boat. Remember the time he burned the creosote post in the campfire at Klondile mill on opening day? I laughed for three days after that every time I thought about it. Well if we keep shunning him like the Society says he will see how wrong he was and come begging to us to take him back. Heard he and the Wester brothers caught their limit three days in a row last week. We gotta be gettin to him....this happy smile he always wares until he sees us must be a fake.

Maw's cookin shrimp and peas for supper again. Bubba went to town last week and when he got home he told us that he's gonna go on a diet. Seems like Farmers Supply can't get overalls any bigger and the ones they have don't fit very good with the side buttons done up. Bubba says that with both the straps hooked, the rear kind of digs in his crack. That probably accounts for his short attention span lately. We just heard that there is a new family moving in the congregation from over by Sugar Creek. It'll be good for little Mike to have somebody to play with that he's not related to. That stupid banker was out again Thursday buggin us about that dumb mortgage of his and he knows that we can't do secular work now as much with the truth and the meetings. I've told and told him but he keeps sending those dumb things in the mail and keeps coming over. The Society was really right about that persecution.

I've got to go now, brother Newly Ben Haad's pickin me up for the meeting early so we can work those not-at-homes that keep piling up from the early start mornings. We are out of magazines again so we just invite people to the meetings. The Hall's easy to give directions to since we started using sister Rank's chicken coop for the summer while we wait for the loan to come through from the Society for the new one. We kind of made up a cute slogan for the door to door work "get the scoop in the coop." It's a lot quieter than the old one too.

Love from all, write when you can.

Gary B.

PS: We finally got LeRoy to tell us where he got that nice extension cord from that was in with his stuff from when he visited you last month......your deep freeze.



#8 Letter from Home

They Just Don't Seem to Grow Up Right

 Dear Randy,

This has been a day of surprises for me. First Maw says we's havin' ham and peas for supper, then the mailman goes and she had to change it to two red hens. I wish he would slow down a little, that's chicken in the pan three days in a row thanks to him. I got me a part-time job down at Gateway cleanin' Pullman cars for the Milwaukee road. Works out real good, especially when I clean behind the seats....I get to keep the change. It's a good chance for service too. When I clean the toilets I put tracts in with the toilet tissues, about every 5th one. That should show those church people how much we think of the truth. I even get to wear a uniform.

That bald headed Almos Oover and his chunky 2nd wife Gladdis was back visiting the meeting again Tuesday. Every time he comes he picks on something. I get so sick of that squint eyed way he looks at everybody. He says that his red faced kid Homer, isn't gonna go to prison like Bubba and the rest did....gonna work in some hospital instead....gonna get paid too. I get so mad when I think of that little porker workin' in that hospital, I hope he gets bed-pan hands. Well they was right again, the Society anyway, I mean when they says that some would compromise. I told old Almos that his stupid kid would be a evil salve if he don't go to jail like the Society says. He just laughed and chomped that big cigar. We only got two paragraphs of page 187 done because of him and it even talks about the WW I compromisers that made the work stop then. We been studyin' Paradise Lost since we all still have ones with covers. You can tell he's not in the truth very good cause of that big old Packard he drives.

The elders had a meetin' about the men standing outside smoking during the intermission after the talk Sunday. Seems like they ain't too anxious to come back in when they hear sister Billows chord that piano. I can't too much say that I blame them. Some of the old ones don't spit their snoose far enough off the bricks and the kids are gettin' in it and takin' it back inside. I can't see what the fuss is all about in the first place, they all do the same thing at home all the time anyway. Nobody got over to blade the Hall parkin' lot after that rain last week. The ruts was worse than usual.

Well, I've gotta go. Bubba is finished with his exercise that he's doin' to loose weight, and that means it's supper time. He lost three pounds with that diet he got from the Wide-Awake magazine. No milk, no meat, no bread.....just eggs and celery. He says he already feels better.

Love from all, write us back now.


PS. LeRoy says that buck tooth Pitts girl, the one with the bastard baby was here askin' about you when we was in town. He gave her your address.


#9 Letter from Home

Gettin' Things In Shape

Dear Randy,

This'll be pretty short cause we are re-siding the house before winter sets in. Coast to Coast had a big sale on tar-paper so we thought what the heck, maybe we should fix the house up a little once more before the end. We thought about new rolled roofing too but Bubba pointed out that too much emphasis on the house could be the start of materialism, besides the roof only leaks over Granny's bed...and the couch...and in the pantry, and then only when it's raining. Boy I'm glad he decided to stay living here after school. I would have missed that materialism angle and maybe got off to wrong thinking again. There's a big push in the congregation to try to be as perfect as we can be now so after the end it will come easier, kind of like....we'll have a head start. All of us are going to start to dress spiffier too, so in case we get any visitors they will be able to see right away that we have the truth and they will be so impressed that they will want to stay and be happy and look good like us. I went in to the Sears catalog store and ordered two new white shirts to go with my new overalls and oxfords. Granpa's hat and suit coat still fits me fine. Maw got some new stuff too but I ain't seen it yet. She was tryin' stuff on in the closet the other night when she snuffed the candle out with her elbow and she must have got stuck with a pin or something. She started cussing in Norwegian and German....quite a commotion.

Well, this is book study night and Bubba found the missing pages from The Finished Mystery book so we can take up with that again. Boy that is interesting, especially the part about the train. Those guys were sure smart to figure that out. It's no wonder that everybody was against that book. We all kind of think that book will be the standard truth right into the other side. Feels kind of nice being a part of something big like this. Easy to tell we have the truth by the way the neighbors hate us for picketing their churches and waking them up Saturday morning. They don't know that we are the ones that separate the sheep from the rams.

Granny hurt her hand Wednesday last. Yeah, it's kind of Maw's fault cause she fixed eight pork chops for the seven of us. Well we was down to that last pork chop on the platter when the lights went out. It was really something, Granny lets out with a scream and when the lights came back on there she was with six forks in the back of her hand. On the way back from the doc's place Bubba stopped off at the post office with a money order to order some wheat from the Society. He's so sure about it that he ordered a new Buick up at Cassville on time pay.

Well, gotta be goin'. We're havin' chicken again tonight. That stupid mailman got 2 more this morning. Fresh garden beets are comin' ready for the table and boy are they good and sweet, what with all that corn on the cob and spinach it makes for a bit of a line up for the outhouse in the morning. Bubba is still workin' to loose weight. He's been only riding the lawnmower down to the barn for chores at night now and walkin' the rest of the time.

Love from all, write when you get time.


PS: LeRoy seems to remember that last week he took a message from that guy up in Rogers that you been waitin' on for that big check. LeRoy says the guy's leaving for 3 months so he wrote down where the check is on one of the tracts I take to work.



#10 Letter from Home

Your Inheritance

 Dear Randy,

Good news, that inheritance from Granpa finally got settled and your share was twenty thousand dollars before taxes. I did some checking for you and this would have come under capitol gains and it would have been taxed at forty percent. That would have brought it down to twelve thousand dollars. Now that is before inflation of eight percent for six years or a total of forty-eight percent to leave you with a net of six thousand two hundred and forty dollars. Since it was in a corporation formed before income-tax came in, it all shows up as deferred debit and is subject to the reverse gain inversion test, which it fails, so the sum would have been used to offset the declining balance of the fourth column, which when applied to the seventh degree would have left you owing the government two hundred and thirty dollars and twenty eight cents. Luckily I spotted this in time and since your share had been issued as non-voting stock in both our names I simply transferred your share to a full, part ownership in the back 80, you know the one that grows that nice marsh grass. Land is always the best investment, you know. Maw is in charge of keeping the books this year and she says your 1/4 of the taxes for the year will be one thousand two hundred dollars and sixty cents. If you can drop a check in the return mail Maw says that would be good.

We put a bigger spring on the service phonograph and now we can get through a record at the door in two minutes flat. I think it holds their attention better too. Haven't had one not listen to it since we did that. Bubba and me started a new game out in service....hubcaps...we collect 'em. Mostly they're Ford but a few Chevy. Those darn Chevys are so tinny I don't see how they run at all. I like that new deal the Society came up with that we can lie and stuff....all OK with them. They're callin' it Theochronic warfare. Boy, that makes my life easier. It's times like this that I know we have the truth.

Well, I've got to go now. It's almost time for Amos and Andy on the radio. We was readin' that Face the Facts booklet the other day and Bubba says that he's glad he won't have to get married. For one thing he says that it's too expensive to travel far enough to get past the danger of courtin' one of his own cousins. I don't know why he's so dead set against a family tradition like that. We had a bad wind with that rain last night and that bird feeder you built in shop class is missing again. Granny is smiling a lot more lately....we're gettin' into new cob season.

Love from all, write when you can.


PS: LeRoy got that credit card he ordered in your name in the mail today and he's off to town to see how it works.



#11 Letter from Home

Hope We Don't Have Cars in the New System

 Dear Randy,

This will be just a quick note. I've got to run Bubba over to the junk yard over by Monett to pick up a couple new fenders and some doors for the Lincoln. We had a pot-luck supper over at brother Newly Ben Haad's trailer Monday night and I took some of my elderberry wine. Well, Bubba's not seeing too good when he comes home about midnight and when he comes to Jenkin's Creek dog leg bridge he sees two so he says he shuts one eye and heads for the middle one....takes the front left fender and both doors off. If that wasn't bad enough he stayed after the book study Tuesday to help Newly finish up leftovers and when he gets to the bridge commin' home he sees two again so he says that he's not gonna make the same mistake twice so he closes the other eye and takes off the right front fender and both right doors. He says that service really bothers him this morning when people slam their doors. This persecution is really getting bad.

I been workin' on a book-shelf fer all our new books we got when we got in the truth. I got it all done except for the shelf. Maw says that we should line em all up kind of by color so they go, green, yellow, yellow, purple, brown, and tan. Me and little Mike decided to paint the barn so we got the paint at the railroad using Theochronic warfare and we decided to rig a sprayer up using the John Deere and an old hose. Little Mike took out a sparkplug and cross-threaded a 3/8th nipple in there and wired that hose to it. Then he set a tee in the hose and run a spur line over to the paint vat and when he fired up that poppin Johnny we had paint balls the size of oranges sailin' 30 feet in the air. We got a fair amount on the barn before we ran out. Things was happening so fast that we didn't notice the circuit servant, Jup Setter and his wife Missey, drive up in their big ol' Buick dyna-flo. It's one of them slip juice drive clutch jobs with the fake holes in the hood. He's had this tick ever since when they was on the Huntsville to Brashears run back in May an lightening struck the tree where he was relievin' himself. She's nice though. Ran away once....up in the brambles. Coon hunters found her and brought her back down and she's been kind of prone to quiet spells after that....giggles to herself more than usual too. He says that we got the fastest growin' congregation in these parts but then practically all the sisters was pregnant after his first visit so I suppose that accounts for a lot of it but still we is always glad to get good news from the Society.

That Jup Setter and his wife Missey, they's stayin' with us for the week while he works with the congregation. He says that we get in the most hours of any of the congregations that he is assigned to. He said that he'd like to work with Bubba tomorrow. That'll be good for Bubba cause Monday's the big trash day since he don't make his run on Sundays. Sis told ol Jup to dig out his old clothes....he just stared at her. Maw blew a spit bubble when she said bye just now. Sis' new boyfriend Ben, son of widow Loyal's by her forth husband Hazz-Ben, was here for supper last night. He goes before the draft board again next Thursday. He's hopin' they'll sentence him back to Springfield. He said the two terms he did there was the best of all of em. These last times is sure hard to deal with all right.

Love from all, don't forget to write.


PS: LeRoy almost got in trouble for dirty pictures in the bus depot toilet, he would have except he signed your name.

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