Public Address by Bro. Fred W. Franz in early 1975

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... whats gonna happen? And is it likely that the destruction of the whole wicked system of things will take place at the hands of Jehovah God, the Great Executioner of his judgments against Satan and his wicked organization?

Well, a lot will have to happen [inaudible] to occur by September the fifth, the end of the lunar month of year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Five, a *LOT* will have to happen.  And when you consider how much has to happen and how if it depended on the normal outworking of things it seems very improbable, very unlikely, that all that has to take place in fulfillment of prophecy, will be accomplished by September the fifth, at sundown

Not to say that God can not bring it about by then.  He is almighty, he has his time, and he acts on time.  He is a precise timekeeper, and if it's his will to have everything accomplished by September the fifth, sundown, of this year, why it certainly can come to pass.

But then when we see how things are moving along, just gradually, and there is much to be accomplished according to the prophecies, why, we begin to wonder, well, now will *ALL* these things happen in so short a period of time that is left?