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Time seasons my knowledge into wisdom. Looking at life through the eyes of others gives me perspective, compassion and mercy.

Yet as I mature I find myself often less tolerant of those who are not so wise. I forget about the excitement that drove me to believe, to embrace the "truth" of the Watchtower. I forget about the fears I had of the end of the world, myself, and how unfulfilled I seemed. I forget about all the primal emotions and thought-stopping techniques I had taught myself diligently for years. I was in control, and it felt good. When I remember the demons that drove me then, I chuckle and no longer feel irritated. Youth is just that way, and it is good for a man to experience it in all its glory.

-R. Watters, Nov. 1997




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Watchtower Circuit Overseer Floyd Kite
explains doctrinal changes with "superior
authorities" (WAV file) (other WAV files)

Charles Sunutko (WT Circuit Overseer) transcript regarding the end in 1975  

Fred Franz transcript on 1975

Major Listing of Watchtower False Prophecies and Expectations, entitled: Spiritual Food At the Proper Time
Key & list of abbreviations used
part I  : 1776 - 1913
part II : 1914 - 1924
part III: 1925 - 1974
part IV : 1975 - 2000 and beyond

Book Online: Thus Saith the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

A Sect Grows in Brooklyn (1991) (Phila. Inquirer)
Abner Jones: the ORIGINAL Jehovah's Witness
1984 and "Big Mother"
Active Force Behind the Watchtower

Al Capone VS. Judge Rutherford 
Armageddon, Inc. The Saturday Evening Post, Sept.14, 1940
Blacks and the Watchtower
Calendar of Jehovah God (1935 briefly introduced a new calendar!)
Can the Truth survive the Internet?
Classic Rutherford Propaganda from 1943
"Community Facility" Draws Fire in Brooklyn - 1988

Cost Accounting Figures for magazines and Books from Bethel
Daniel chapter 8 for dummies (WT interpretation)
Dates from the Watchtower
Dates - Comprehensive listing of all WT dates
Declaration of Facts and WT leaders' sympathy with Hitler

Douglas Walsh Trial in Scotland 1954 (free download)
DUMBO property and WT plans to rebuild it (12/18/03)
Faithful and Discreet Slave and Its Governing Body NEW PDF file
Four Presidents of the Watch Tower Society, The
Franz, Raymond - author of Crisis of Conscience
Fred Franz Discredits Idea of "Governing Body" 

Fred Franz: All about FRAnz in Armageddon Museum
Golden Age, the magazine 1919-1937

Governing Body: Guide Dog for a Blind Person
Governing Body, All About the
Governing Body and leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses
Governing Body members and current listing of officers
Hitler, The Watchtower and (compromise)
How Big Is the Watchtower? (growth figures)
Inheriting the Property of Non-JWs After Armageddon
Interview with Creation Book author Harry Peloyan 1997 NEW
Interview with Watchtower Attorney Hayden Covington
Interview with Jerry Bergman on Hayden Covington
Is 607 BCE the correct date for the fall of Jerusalem?
Is the WT Predicting the end of the World in 2034 AD?
Jehovah's Traveling Salesmen Nov. 2, 1946 issue of Colliers magazine
Jerry Bergman on Jehovah's Witnesses Removing His Library books
JWs: Proclaimers of God's Kingdom book review
JWs: A Brief History of A Century of Religious-State Conflicts
JWS: A Comprehensive and Selectively Annotated Bibliography
KNORR: All about Nathan knorr in Armageddon Museum
Listing of 1975 statements
List of Famous Jehovah's Witnesses and Ex-JWs
Millerite Adventism and Fred Franz
Money: How the Watchtower Was Financed (pre-1990)
Money: The Watchtower Way of Laundering, (post-1990)
Money: Fraud in Donation Arrangement
Money: Scandal in Malta
MOST WANTED WT Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity
Mystery Years of "The Judge" Joseph Franklin Rutherford in Missouri

New Light from Old Books and Dead Opposers
New Light: "This Generation"
Newer Light: "This Generation" Returns by Popular Demand
New World Translation: Who were the translators?

Notes from the 1993 District Assembly re: Future Changes
Pagan Roots of Jehovah's Witnesses
Presidents: Summary of the Five Presidential Eras

"Proclaimers Book"--Just How Reliable Is It?
Prophet, Doe the Watchtower Society claim to be?
Quackery and Medicine: The Watchtower Society and Medical Quackery
REPORT, THE: Apostasy Knocks at Bethel's Door
RUSSELL: All about RuSSELL in Armageddon Museum
Russell's Burial Site and Pyramid
Russell was not the WT's first president!
Rutherford: "World's foremost Bible scholar" NEW
Rutherford: All you want to know about
RUTHERFORD: All about Rutherford in Armageddon Museum
Rutherford Exposed: The Story of Berta and Bonnie
Rutherford's Anti-Prohibition Stance
Rutherford was all about selling books: 1928 Colporteur Bulletin
Secret Files of the Watchtower: Cover Up
Seven Thunders of Millennial Dawn, The (1928 critical review)
Subliminal art in the Watchtower publications
Sleeping with the Enemy (Hitler)
Sect-state relations: accounting for the differing trajectories of
Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses

"The Teachings of Pastor Russell" by W.T. Connor, pub.1926 (PDF format)
Time: Does the Passing of Time Heal All in the Watchtower?
Two Claims of the JWs Examined
Undoing the "Judge" (Rutherford)
War Production Materials, the WT's Benefit from
Warfare technology, Watchtower investments in  

Was C.T. Russell a Mason?  
Was J.F. Rutherford & WT officers exonerated in 1919?
Watchtower Entangled on the Web
Watchtower Official Testified in the US Congress that Rutherford is Inspired
Watchtower Property in New York (2002)
Watchtower Property in New York (updated Oct. 2006)
What Happened at the World Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Spring of 1980? (original tract from 1981 by Watters)
What Happened in 1975?
Where are all the missing publishers from 1985 to 2005?

Bethel History: the "Franz Incident" (1979-1980)

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