Quote From "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" (Watchtower, 1945)


When the "day of vengeance of our God" will have passed and the "meek of the earth" will come forth from their place of hiding from Armageddon's storm, they will look for the place once occupied by the wicked bosses and oppressors of men. But it shall not be! There will be a free New World, free from unrighteous men and from the demons under Satan. The cleansed earth will be open for occupancy by the meek; and they will appreciate the literal fulfillment of the divine promise: "Wait on the LORD [Jehovah], and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it." (Psalm 37: 10, 34) Do not imagine, however, that they will then rush forth in a mad scramble and try to get ahead of others to a preferred locality and to stake out their claims. In times past that took place when the American government fixed a day and threw open free territory for landseekers to settle themselves. Also dismiss from the mind all thought of great land or realty corporations in existence, to hold claims to vast territories and sending out real estate agents. At Armageddon the wealthy landlords, and the system of absentee landlordism, must pass, with its system of peonage or crop sharing or ground rents. The get rich quick land booms, and all speculating in land conducted by gambling exchanges, must likewise go. The Theocratic rule stated in God's Jubilee law must then hold good: "The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine." Leviticus 25: 10, 23.

The meek ones surviving the battle of Armageddon will realize that all the land is the Creator Jehovah's. They will appreciate, too, that Christ Jesus, the Seed of Abraham, is Jehovah's Heir, and that he holds the land for its Creator, his Father. The disposal of all the land therefore rests within Christ the King's hands. He must determine who shall be settled upon it, and where. Instead of wildly and greedily rushing forth, leaning to their own understanding, the meek will wait upon the King and his visible princes in the earth to locate them and assign them their portion in the land. They will not be able to buy it from Him with mammon or money, putting up a better price for it than some other bidder. They will gladly accept the grant of land that the King graciously makes to them. When Jehovah God in ancient days settled the nation of Israel in the Promised Land of Palestine, he aided them by his miraculous power to dispossess the wrongful, wicked occupiers thereof, the religious demon worshiping heathen. He thrust out the Canaanites, who were gross violators of God's law. In their place he located the Israelites who kept covenant with him. The religious worshipers or false gods were not let possess the land, but those who worshiped the true and living God Jehovah were planted in the land. When the time came for dividing up the land between the twelve tribes and for locating the many families of the nation in the God-given land, the matter was not left to individual choice. Purchasing power played no part. The land distribution was determined by Jehovah God their Theocratic Ruler, either by directly stated assignments of land or by the casting of lots which was supervised by Jehovah's power and wisdom. (Numbers, chapter 34; Joshua chapters 14-20) Thus the chosen people of God were settled according to the divine will, and no discrimination and unrighteousness was put across on the people.


The meek ones will each regard his grant of land as a sacred trust from Jehovah God through his reigning King Christ Jesus, and they will endeavor to hold it in faithfulness. Each one will recognize his responsibility to The Higher Powers, Jehovah God and Christ Jesus, for his use of his plot of land; and he will tend it and seek to keep it in proper condition to God's glory.


The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth, 1945, p. 24-27

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