for Crimes Against Humanity

Ted Jarasz

Hints at Ted Jaracz influence on the rest of the leadership

GB Jack Barr vs. Jaracz

Jaracz vs. mental health counselors

Jaracz and United Nations Scandal

Jaracz and child abuse issue

Jaracz responds to abuser database question

Jaracz and blood transfusions

Gene Smalley

Gene Smalley and the blood transfusion doctrine

Gene's Recent "New Light" on blood

Jehovah's Witness Doctrine Hypocritical

J. R. Brown


JR Brown (Watchtower Spokesman)
interview (5/10/02) on WNYC radio

Deceptive quotes from J. R. Brown on child molestation policy

Gene Smalley's COMPLICITY in the blood transfusion doctrine (discussion)

Samuel Herd

Samuel Herd: Black Rep for the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses?

* These men are desired ALIVE and to be subject to an international court of judgment for their gross negligence in the leadership of over 6 million human souls, under the guise of being "faithful and discreet slaves" and corporate lackies of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.