The most asked question is "How do we rescue our friend or relative from the Jehovah's Witnesses?"

 The problem with rescuing new recruits from the Watch Tower Corporation is that there is nothing to rescue them from . . . that they will be able to see. The Jehovah's Witnesses at first seem to be the most loving, the most social, the most honest, the most caring, the hardest working, the only group that has leaders who truly understand the Bible, the best looking, the best dressed, the least greedy, and the fairest to it's people. 

 The Watch Tower, Bible and Tract Society Incorporated of New York and of Pennsylvania is offering immortality. Not soul life after death but a physical body not subject to death at all, ever. They are offering an instant, total social life, complete with a detailed, written, comprehensive belief system direct from God himself, a heroic medical non-treatment plan, as well as a works program that seems to make sense and that many bored, lonely people like at first.

 To many, this is the best thing they have ever found in their entire life. They have everything. A substitute family that seems to accept them as they are. An easy to understand belief system and written explanations for everything as well as teachers who seem to welcome discussion and questioning. Everything appears open, honest and above board.

 New recruits are warned that their friends and family will oppose them and their stand for Jehovah. Many friends and relatives do just that.

 New recruits feel loved, safe, and secure. They are told: "You can relax now. You're in the truth now. You have six million brothers and sisters to help you if you ever need help. You don't need your family now."

 The Witnesses come in and fill the void that exists in so many people's lives. They have answers that sound reasonable and logical for every question imaginable. They appeal to skeptics, infidels, and agnostic in many ways. They appeal to the intelligent, the ignorant and people who are superstitious. They especially appeal to people with deep seated resentments and unresolved issues as well as to people who have had unpleasant experience with persons of authority. They appeal to the mentally ill, the depressed, the psychotics, the anxious.

 The new recruits are courted and they fall in love. The recruiters try to get a commitment within the first 6 months. The marriage is the baptism and the honeymoon lasts from two to five years. The divorce is the walking away or the disfellowshipping.  Just like any other marriage, many do not leave . . . ever . . . even if the going gets rough.

 Every case is different. The decision whether or not to try to intervene is a true dilemma.

 Many who are studying go to the internet to check on the Society themselves and many of those, without any help from relatives, do stop the studies.

 Gary Busselman

 PS:  For those who do join the group, my personal feeling is that children should never be allowed to be under the power of a believing Jehovah's Witness, ever. There is too much evidence that supports the fact that children's lives are being offered as sacrifices in support of the Corporation sponsored blood medical non-treatment guidelines enforced by the local individual Witnesses.