The Calendar of Jehovah God

1935 saw the brief attempt by Jehovah's Witnesses to jettison the Gregorian Calendar and substitute a new one which the Golden Age magazine called "the Calendar of Jehovah God."

The 1935 Yearbook published an advance copy of the new Calendar and it was mentioned in the March 1, 1935 Watchtower. The series appeared in 3 Golden Age issues in March and April. Apparently, Rutherford's support waned and a warning article on the calendar appeared in the May 1, 1935 Watchtower. Apparently, there are no further references to the new calendar in later publications. It has never been discussed in modern JW history books.
All the complete documents about the new calendar can be found here:
The file includes the YB and Watchtower scans as well as the complete text of the calendar articles from the 3 issues of Golden Age magazine.

by Dave Brown

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