Bill and Julia Blackmore
stand up to the Society re: disfellowshipping

April 2000

Hi Randy,

Things are heating up a bit over here. We were told we were being disfellowshipped on April 1st (Julia's
birthday ironically!) on the basis of Titus 3:10 ("...promoting a sect...." ridiculous). 

We appealed on the 8th, but so far they haven't been in touch with us about fixing a date. 

We 'minuted' the 'judicial' and other discussions, and the two attachments are the letters we've recently sent.  Feel free to put any of this, or extracts from it, on your site if you think it might do someone somewhere some good. It's like an ongoing soap-opera - it might get people hooked?

Anyway, keep it up and keep in touch. 

email to: Bill & Julia Blackmore

The following documents are in Microsoft Word format. Try double-clicking on each one to load into a Word viewer.

Paul after 2nd abortive meeting (March 30, 1999)

Appeal Letter - Disfellowshipping (April 7, 2000)

Paul after 1st proper meeting (April 10, 2000)

Elder formally accused of lying (May 29, 2000)

Judicial Committee reply (June 1, 2000)

Judicial Committee reply (June 3, 2000)

Appeal letter from Blackmores (June 6, 2000)

letter to Appeal Committee of three-way phone discussion on June 22 (letter dated July 18, 2000)

UK news article on the Blackmore situation (July 17-23)

Letter to Appeal Committee (Sept. 2, 2000)

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