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NEW! Help in Child Custody Cases from Experts:
Expert Custody Consultants

Child Custody Lawyer
Find child custody lawyers or law firms that handle all
areas of child custody cases. Including custody orders, direct income
withholding, interstate cases and spousal support.

A Psychoanalytic Look at Recovered Memories, Therapists, Cult Leaders and Undue Influence

Reflections on Marriage and Children after the Cult by Lorna Goldberg, M.S.W.

JW position on blood from the Univ. of PA Health System (chart)


Attorneys focusing on JW sexual abuse:

Love & Norris

Blood: Pregnant Patients Refusing Medical Care

New! (4/2/06) Scans of elder's "Flock" book with his notes from the teacher of the class, showing how pedophiles can be used in special positions if they have sufficiently repented!

Lawsuits over "shunning" may face an uphill battle (posted 9/11/00)

Links to Therapists

Lying In Court: a review of the Watchtower's booklet, "Preparing For Child Custody Cases"

Extensive Notes on JW Child Custody Cases (posted 7/17/01)
Custody 911

Custody in the News
Dealing with JW Custody Cases by Rick Ross
Father's Right to Custody
How to Win Child Custody
Jehovah's Witness Youth and Testimony in Court
Law and Child Custody: An Overview
Letter of Disassociation of Gloria Muscarella


Other letters regarding Association/Disassociation (1)

Bill and Julia Blackmore stand up to the Society re: disfellowshipping
Links to Therapists
article in Liberty magazine on custody issues and strange religions (posted 6/26/00)


Click here for a Word doc. file that is a Medical statement for use by non-JW non-custodial parents who have joint legal custody.  I am sure it would also hold legal weight if used by a parent without legal custody also, as it would alleviate the need for court ordered medical treatment and remand the medical rights to this parent if proven to be in the best interest of the child. (posted 1/8/03)

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