How Randy Views the Churches

(Randy herein lightheartedly calls himself "the pooch" here)

The following was a mail thread after I lightheartedly referred to some Christians as "fundies"

In a message dated 5/6/98 2:34:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< I have heard of him but have never read anything by him. You may be
right that Randy has such "fundies" in mind, we'd have to ask him who he
has in mind (if anyone in particular).
Ken >>

I didn't have anyone specific in mind. I often write about psychological
principles, freedom of speech, etc. but I am especially grrrrrrd when I see
people who are fragile and hurting and recovering get told they have to
believe something to be whole. It snaps them right back into fear and dread
mode!!! Wholeness is a state of mind, not a state of doctrine. I am an exit-
counselor, or more appropriately a thought-control consultant and have been
for years. I often work in conjunction with Steven Hassan, as many of you
know. (

What I red-flag on is this: Someone comes onto this list and speaks with a
nice face, but won't tell the people they are preaching to that unless they
leave the Catholic Church or the Bible Students or whatever that they will be
damned. They feed them their truth doses at a time, programming their mind
with fear and self-righteousness. I have seen this so many times, I
immediately recognize it, long before some of you do. Why? Am I more
intelligent? No. Listen.

The Pooch considers himself a Christian and loves Jesus, and was a Foursquare
pastor for years. He was a fundy as an elder at Bethel, but since got his
rabies shots and is doing better. Yet he gets along fine and is friends with
Rob Bowman, the MacGregors, the late Walter Martin, all the major JW
ministries except for a couple which he considers questionable in ethics but
will not here give his opinion of this. I am well-respected in the Christian
community by those that know me, though many consider me rather odd. I have
been on Prime-Time TBN, the Rich Bueller show, TBN's JOY in the Morning many
times, various radio shows including D. James Kennedy and others. I have
spoken at Full-Gospel Businessmen's meetings and I speak in tongues. I am no
longer part of a church or intend to be, I am retired from that scene, but not
because I don't like or agree with it. Just tired of it, and crowds of serious
people in general. I can name many fine churches in my hometown of Manhattan
Beach. I have baptized many people who are still my close friends. I have
spoken on a Seventh-Day Adventist show and I consider Bible Students my
friends, not just because they worship Jesus but because they are some of the
best Christians I have been around. If I had lived in New York City at the
turn of the century, I might have been a part of Russell's church, given the
options back then. :-)) I know Christians who follow current leaders in the
church just as devotedly as the Bible Students, and argue a lot more about
their leaders being right. I met Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel) personally and
went to one of his baptisms before I became a JW, and talked to him about it
when I left. I brought a friend of mine who was in need to see him personally
one day, and Chuck whipped out his checkbook and wrote a check to Larry for
$1000 on the spot, no questions asked. I have never seen another man do this
in my life. When I left Bethel I started attending Hope Chapel in Hermosa
Beach while I was still a JW and an elder in the El Segundo Congregation. I
listened under the tutelage of Ralph Moore before he started his 15 churches
in Hawaii, and I attended John Wimber's congregation many times along with our
worship leaders to seek the Spirit of God, long before he got the chain of
Vineyards going. I have cried out to God when I was 20 and sitting in my
garage in Canoga Park in 1972 because I was addicted to cigarettes, a pack a
day, and tried so many times to quit I couldn't bear it any longer. I cried to
God and told him I really didn't want to quit, and I was so sorry. I went to
bed and woke up the next morning absolutely miraculously healed and to this
day I have never craved another cigarette or had one.

Bill Cetnar was a friend of mine.

I had a 19-year old pastor who knew Hebrew and Greek and took our little
church called Bethel Christian Fellowship (made up of Melrose Place -types and
met in the Malibu Colony on Wednesday nights) to Israel, Egypt and Greece for
3 weeks, searching all the TRUE biblical sights, the Old City and all the
tombs of Egypt.

I have read the Bible cover-to-cover 5 times, and not just the NWT. I have
written several books, some on Bible doctrine. I have sermons on tape for
almost every issue you can think of. I used to take my church into other cult-
like local churches and record the message, split up the group and made them
play different roles and use different expressions on their faces so as to
discover the true motivation behind the hucksters. Then we would meet and
analyze what we found. I have been to several deliverance meetings, and could
tell you bunches of crap about that. I know every trick that power people use
to lead others, so I am kind of sensitive to certain techniques.

Dogz often prefers to be viewed as a non-Christian by the more rabid of
doctrinal types. They always treat non-Christians better, "for some reason."
The Pooch, however, really couldn't care less if some view him as a real
Christian or not (like this is new to you.) He often plays the devil's
advocate, always has, even as a dub, and always will. I will argue from an
atheist's viewpoint sometimes, not to convert you (why?) but to help you see
that other people have valid arguments that you might want to consider if you
really want to communicate. He is ornery but never holds a grudge, and does
not hate anyone that he can remember (Dogz loses memory as he gets old -hehe)
That way he helps others to think for themselves. How can we minister to those
in cults if we (a) don't deal with them fairly, and (b) don't use plausible
and consistent arguments? That is where I like to challenge y'all. I am also a
die-hard Okie and am Irish and get bored easily, so sometimes I will be in yer
face. I also think these boards are full of people that take themselves far
too seriously, so I try to lighten it up a little.

So Christian or not, Dogz is here. In yer face!
peace to all of you.
Randy Watters

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