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African-American Issues Among Jehovah's Witnesses

Armageddon Okies - 1st Cult Serial On the Web
Armageddon Museum
Audio and Video Museum
Bethel Chronicles
Books by Jehovah's Witnesses for sale
Books about Jehovah's Witnesses for sale

Book Online: Thus Saith the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses
Children: The Introduction Of Phobias (Deep Rooted Fears) And Other Development
Coming Out of the Watchtower: Why Is It So Difficult?
Confronting Witness Relatives
Crisis of Conscience: former GB member Raymond Franz Speaks Out
Cross: Did Jesus Die on a Cross? and New Evidence for the Crucifixion
Deprogramming and Exit-Counseling
Divorce My Jehovah's Witness Mate?
Families Broken Apart by Jehovah's Witnesses: Can They Be Restored?
Family Connection: When A Cult May Not Be Your Worst Enemy (family involvement)
Famous Sound Clips from Watchtower History
Free Minds Journal
Heaven: Why All Christians Go To,
History of the Watchtower Society
How Do I Reach Jehovah's Witnesses?
Jehovah's Witness Women
Kids of Jehovah's Witnesses
LIFE After Leaving the Watchtower
Myths and Facts About Cult Involvement
New Light: "This Generation"
Old Watchtower Publications For Sale
Opening the Closed Mind: How to Talk to JWs
Psychological and Recovery Issues related to Jehovahs Witnesses
Publications for sale About Jehovah's Witnesses
Randy Watters' Story
Russell's Burial Site and Pyramid
Shunning: A Part of the Faith of Jehovah's Witnesses
Testimony of Randall Watters
The WTB&TS: The Critical Years (1975-1997)
Theocratic War Strategy: Why Jehovah's Witnesses Lie In Court
Video Clips
What are the best books to get for the new person?
What is Free Minds, Inc.?
When Prophecies Fail (study of cognitive dissonance)
Why Some Can't Leave the Watchtower and Why Disfellowshiped Persons Often
WITNESSES of JEHOVAH (the movie)
Women Who Are Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses

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