from the Nov/Dec 1995 Free Minds Journal

Disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witnesses Personally Known by Myself Who Committed Suicide in Eastern Canada - anonymous in Nova Scotia (spans 1960-1990)


-age approx. 30 years, shot himself

FRIEND, DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA (not related to the above)

- age approximately 30 years, shot hirnself in the head in Vancouver - comes from a long line of disfunctional JW families. Got involved with the drug trade in Vancouver. I was the one to bring his Mom into the Watchtower when he was a tiny boy. She calls me often, crying and in great emotional distress because he is now gone, her other children are still in the JWs, and says she does not deserve to live (she has been disfellowshipped twice and is now out of the Watchtower Society. Her JW daughter has been diagnosted as multi-personality and makes regular trips to the Mental Hospital. Her JW son, who is a ministerial servant, raced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (who had to set up a roadblock to stop him) on his way to his mother's home with a gun to kill her. He is still in good standing with the congregations even though he has a police record and is on court record as a dangerous offender. Her story is heart-breaking. She has had two heart attacks this past summer. She is 57 yrs old.

FATHER, DIGBY, NOVA SCOTIA -age 30 years. Shot hirnself out in his boat so it might look like a drowning. Left behind a wife and 2 children. His JW parents did not go to the funeral.

FATHER, LAWRENCETOWN, NOVA SCOTIA - approximately 50 years old. Shot himself. His wife has since remarried a "worldly person." Their daughter married a Catholic and is out of the JWs. Their son spent years in Juvenile Jail for various offenses - car stealing, etc.

HUSBAND, DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA - approximately 40 years old, blew himself up in his truck in Burnside Industrial Park. His wife has been disfellowshipped twice and is now attending meetings.

A FATHER, BEDFORD, NOVA SC0TIA - He was married to a JW and his children are still JWs, but he was not a JW. He was approximately 40 years old.

SISTER, PORT HAWKSBURY, NOVA SCOTIA - In her teens, shot herself in the basement home while mom was at Watchtower Study. Her Mom still goes to Kingdom Hall, but has a "worldly" male friend.

SISTER, (PUGWASH, SPRINGHILL AREA) NOVA SCOTIA - Young teenager (21 and disfellowshipped) whose parents afterward would not allow the casket to come into the house, so it was left on the front porch until the burial. Neighbors tell this story over and over. 

50-YEAR-OLD MAN, HALIFAX, NOYA SCOTIA -  His wife apparently was trying to jump out of the car on her way home from the WT 1958 N.Y. Assembly - and was killed in the car accident that followed. Their two children witnessed this accident.


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