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What is Free Minds, Inc.?


Randall has been the CEO of the former Bethel Ministries from 1982 to 1993, which then changed names to Free Minds, Inc., a non-profit educational organization located in Manhattan Beach, Calif. (next to LAX airport). Randall worked at Watchtower headquarters from 1974 to 1980 and was a Bethel elder and speaking representative for the Watchtower Society, traveling every other weekend to congregations within a 200-mile radius of Brooklyn. Randall worked as floor overseer in building 3-6 of the factory, in charge of the printing of all Bibles. Previous to this assignment he worked as a pressroom mechanic and head of experimental printing operations. He served in his local congregation (Linwood; East New York) as Presiding Overseer and Theocratic Ministry School overseer.

 Before and after voluntarily leaving Bethel in 1980, Randall spent a great deal of time in research of the history of the Watchtower organization and its doctrines, coming to the conclusion that the Watchtower was indeed an authoritarian religion manifesting all of the traits of a mind control cult. He began attending a local church (Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach, a branch of Foursquare International) and soon gave his life to Christ as a born-again Christian. Around 1982 Randall began visiting churches all over California and other states and began teaching people about Jehovah's Witnesses. Soon he was licensed as a pastor with Hope Chapel to carry on the ministry as a non-profit entity, and circulated 10,000 tracts free of charge around the world to various ministries. Thus began his full-time work and even more extensive travels, talking to groups of ex-Witnesses and pastors in Australia, Japan, Hawaii and other parts of the United States.

Upon enrollment in a Berkeley course by Spiritual Counterfeits Project on the topic of Satanism, Deception and Discernment in the early 80s, Randall became acquainted with well-known cult author Steven Hassan, a former Moonie and author of three books on exit-counseling and cults. It wasn't long before Randall and Steven became good friends and Randall was taught the techniques of exit-counseling by Mr. Hassan, and began to work with him on numerous cases involving the Witnesses and other groups such as The International Churches of Christ (not to be confused with the mainline Churches of Christ). Randall was the pastor of a small church (Hope Chapel West Manhattan Beach) from 1990 to 1993. Working with various cult counselors in the early 90s, Randall has done cult interventions with a comparatively high success rate. While in recent years Randall has not been active in interventions, he has been a consultant to several clients who desire to be free of the residual programming of the mind and soul that cults practice, primarily with Jehovah's Witnesses and former Witnesses.

 Randall is the author of numerous books, including Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses, Refuting Jehovah's Witnesses, and Jehovah's Witnesses and Mind Control, among others.  He is also the editor of the 26-years running Free Minds Journal. Randall charges $65 per hour for phone or consultations in person. Travel expenses are extra. All major credit cards are accepted, and the first-time visit is a minimum of two hours. In addition, all contributions to Free Minds, Inc. are tax-deductible.


Who are candidates for consultation with Mr. Watters?

Questions?  email Randall or call 310-545-7831. Our hours are 9-6 Monday-Friday, Pacific Standard Time.

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