A few men in Brooklyn ( WTBS Governing Body )- 03/19/99

 I was part of the Watchtower Society for about 8 years back in the 70's and about a couple years in the 80's and I went thru 18 months of embarrassment to be "reinstated." My now ex-wife became a JW and I wanted to have "unity" in our marriage and I thought then that they had the "truth."

Everything backfired on me. I broke my wrist, lost my business and my wife. I came to know through all the material and spiritual loss, eventually that all that suffering was worth while.  I started a new life with a new wife, new business and most important of all, I realized then, that the True God Jehovah has no WTBS organization.

So when I see JW's behavior, these individuals are the reflection of their "mother," I mean the "organization"....She is responsible for their hypocritical way of dealing with their fellow man.

How a "few men in Brooklyn" can follow Jesus command of "loving your neighbor as yourself" and in the other hand preach a totalitarian gospel ? The "good news" of their "kingdom" makes Adolf Hitler's holocaust look like a picnic.....Why ?

This is a resume of their way of looking at the rest of the world or I would say, "Them against the world."

There is no religion acceptable to God, only the teachings of the "few men in Brooklyn" are approved by Him.....All the goverments of the world, including the UN. and all the religious organizations are under the control of Satan the Devil. So what is the solution that these men claim to have received under the "direction" of God's spirit ?......because they claim to be a "spirit directed" organization.

Genocide !!!.......in their understanding of the Bible, God will execute about 6 billion people and in the aftermath, thru the ashes of a past civilization that took thousands of years to achieve, the survivors [ JW's only ] will rebuild planet earth under the supervision of Jesus Christ and 144,000 heavenly heirs, which the "few men in Brooklyn" are part of . This futuristic vision started in 1874 with C.T. Russell the creator of the Watchtower Society, followed by Joseph Rutherford, Nathan Knorr, Fred Franz and the actual Governing Body, what I call the "few men in Brooklyn."

None of their recorded predictions has come true......How then, they can have, give and take, 6 million followers ?...Carl Sagan the late astronomer put it in these words :

"Doctrines that make no predictions are less compelling than those which make correct predictions; they are in turn more successful than doctrines that make false predictions. But not always. One prominent American religion confidently predicted that the world would end in 1914. Well, 1914 has come and gone, and - while the events of that year were certainly of some importance - the world does not, at least so far as I can see, seem to have ended.
There are at least three responses that an organized religion can make in the face of such a failed and fundamental prophecy:
They could have said, "Oh, did we say ‘1914’? So sorry, we meant ‘2014.’ A slight error in calculation. Hope you weren’t inconvenienced in any way." But they did not.
They could have said, "Well, the world would have ended, except we prayed very hard and interceded with God so He spared the Earth." But they did not.
Instead, they did something much more ingenious. They announced that the world had in fact ended in 1914, and if the rest of us hadn’t noticed, that was our lookout.
It is astonishing in the face of such transparent evasions that this religion has any adherents at all. But religions are tough. Either they make no contentions which are subject to disproof or they quickly redesign doctrine after disproof.
The fact that religions can be so shamelessly dishonest, so contemptuous of the intelligence of their adherents, and still flourish does not speak very well for the tough-mindedness of the believers. But it does indicate, if a demonstration were needed, that near the core of the religious experience is something remarkably resistant to rational inquiry."
 [Carl Sagan, Broca’s Brain, Ballantine Books, New York, 1982, p. 332]

 How normal human beings with all the right senses allow themselves to be led by such an irrational way of thinking ?.......History is full of cases of leaders that drove their followers to mass-suicide. JW's are doing exactly that by allowing their son, daughter or any other love one to die unnecessary due to a blood transfusion or in the past, vaccinations, organs transplants, or any other medical treatment....But JW's are not the norm, they are spiritually and mentally "sick".....What is the solution to their "disease" ? They have to come to terms with reality and start questioning what they had been taught, if it is right or wrong........Until then, JW's are going to follow their "none spirit directed organization" just because a "few men in Brooklyn" taught them so.

 Agape, Edward D'Agostino