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Subject: Pro-JW Stories

It seems to me that you would be spending your time and energy in something more productive. There are a lot of us out here that are Witnesses that don't take everything we're told as whole truth. All of the things I found and that you so boldly point out against JWs I haven't seen since my association with them 3 years ago. I have found the members to be very kind, loving and more than helpful in times of need. With my past experiences in religions (i.e. Baptist, catholic, Buddhist, and many other studied) I have found, within the congregations, only kindness and a search for the the truth, the true meaning of life and creation . Unlike other religions (particularly southern Baptist) these people have been very accepting of me and my wife (I'm white and she is black). These people have no prejudice to speak of and they are the only group of people who spend their days trying to live right, unlike many (most) people today who choose not to have morals of any kind, at all, ever. I!

don't feel your attack on the society is justified. When I was in the army (I have 12 years, 3 combat tours, 2 Purple hearts and other medals that can't buy me a cup of coffee) there were several problems with the way things were run but that didn't make the soldiers I worked with any less than they were. I don't feel the picture you paint of us is in itself all true either. if you want to print something worth while then print both sides of the story. I don't feel everything that I'm told is 100% true either and in the congregations I've been in these doubts have always been used for some really good discussions. If there is a point that the society can't disprove then we have to assume that they made a mistake, after all they are only human. From our side of the fence I challenge you to find a religion today that isn't based on money or greed. I think you will find that the driving force of all today's religions is, bottom line, money. I am not appalled that you attack us only!

appalled that the attack is not objective. I learned a long time ago truth can never be learned. I also learned that when a problem is seen then a solution needs to be implemented, offering solutions to problems makes the situations better. If all you do is whine and cry about the problem (instead of becoming part of the solution) then you have no room to speak at all. It's like the guy who refuses to vote in an election and complains about the winner, well maybe if he had done something he might not have to complain. I've been all over the Internet and found many site like yours (some much worse) and all I can see is people crying about their problems with the society. bottom line, if you can't be a part of the solution don't complain about the problem. The only people you are hurting are the ones that have nothing to do with the problem, and making people think we are some kind of nuts that will one day kidnap children or go postal in our offices. Would you punish the children for their parents actions? I would hope not. So please be objective about your views because there are thing you could be wrong about too, after all your only human!!!!

Mitchell Walker

Comments: I was raised as one of JWs. I was disassociated in 1989, at the age of 14 for pre-marital sex, as well as other worldly behaviors. I do not personally agree with their teachings, but I respect their right to believe, as well as their need to believe in everlasting life, etc...
I do not understand why anybody really cares enough to bother hating them. My family are all still active members, and I am in close contact with them. I did suffer abuse, both physical and mental, but it had nothing to do with my parents being JWs. My stepfather was simply an abusive man. I can't say I don't have any anger over the fact that I was abused or that he was a ministerial servant while I was being abused, but I don't feel this much hatred, as all of you seem to. This religion has kept my mother sane in many situations with it's hope-what is wrong with that? Okay, maybe you feel they try to shove it down other people's throats-so do women's libbers, animal rights activist, vegetarians, pro-life advocates, yada yada yada... Maybe their beliefs are different than yours. Maybe you believe they are a cult...So? There are other things to be worrying about in this world..



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