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Subj:    Re J. Dubs
Date:    2/2/98 4:19:34 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Sir/Madam

Hi just a sad note to say that a mutual friend of my sisters and I her
name is (withheld) (married with two young children) who was
recently disfellowsipped by the Jehovas Witnesses in New Zealand, aged 26, because
she went back to smoking, she and her husband Phil were baptised JWs,
has today sadly committed suicide, (she hung herself) because she felt so
condemned by the J.Dubs. She reached out to them as she thought was
right and they said, they would not give her a bible study to help her.

We as past Watchtower bible students, never were, thank GOD baptised in
there religion, are absolutely shocked , as i have E. Mail I am sending
this info to as many as I can.

Please E.Mail to, with any helpful info, am
going to funeral on our wednesday or thursday, need anything to help her
hubby and children.

From Wendy Watson.

There is a pastor here who is actively getting people out of cults etc
and his name is Wayne Stewart, P.O. Box 146, Kumeu, Auckland, New
Zealand. Please send any relevant info to him or e.mail to me.


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