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Comments: Recently I was in a witnessing encounter with a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses who my mother-in-law invited over her house to speak with me. These ladies were totally prepared to speak their mind on topics such as the Trinity, hell, heaven, etc.. But what I showed up with was some copies of old WATCHTOWER publications containg their many false prophecies. Right away they tried to stop me by explaining if I had questions concerning the Bible that they'd be glad to talk, but otherwise it was just a waste of their time! So I quickly turned over to Deuteronomy 18:20-22 and asked them to read it aloud. They did and then asked me my point. I asked them about the publications again. Now they were ready to answer on the subject. They looked over to my wife, then to my kids and asked me, "while your wife was pregnant, did she have ay false labor pains?" I answered yes and they went on to ask if we gave up on the kids just because they didn't come when we expected them to.

I responded by having them read the Deuteronomy passage again and asked them where it stated that if a (false prophet) made a false prophecy that it was alright, because the Lord would have it happen at a future date. I also explained that while presuming to speak in the name of YHWH, they set certain specific dates which did not come to pass. The ladies left my mother-in-law's house in a huff and told me to never waste their time again. I felt bad that I did not bring those ladies to the Lord that day, but perhaps I shed some new light for my mother-in-law who is still a slave of the WATCHTOWER organization. I pray for her salvation.




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