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Section Two: Why Believe Us?

There was a lot of weird ideas floatin around 120 years ago, and many men thought Jesus would come back and light up for their little church clubs. They ignored what Jesus said about "no man knowin the day and hour" (Matt. 24:36) and that he would be OBVIOUSLY VISIBLE even to those who aren't brothers (Rev. 1:7). Now any fool could see he didn't come back and join THEIR church! Some freaked, but others couldn't take the heat and just jiggled the words and ideas around, and fooled a few , including some of the brothers and sisters, into believing that THEY were right, and everyone else wuz wrong! But since something happined on ONE of their stupid dates, and it was a BIG thing (though not what they wanted), we're supposed to believe God chose THEM !? Lighten up! You've got better things to do than to mess with this.

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