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Section Three: Dates We've Set

Basically, these dudes are saying Jesus and God are deaf, dumb and blind! They're so powerless to convey truth to men, that they went down in 1918 and checked things out to see who they could use to speak for them. They found this guy who dabbled in the occult, set dates for the end of the world, and they put all their "money" on him. He went off and died, so they got this loud alcoholic with an attitude problem who believed that all things must be for the good of this Grand Organization that he had created, and who kept everyone on the edge of their seats out of fear. When the old sot died, God called his new Main Man out of the factory to build a great financial empire, spanning the world. And Natty had his own Main Man, Freddy, to foretell the future. His gig was to be totally whacked out, and confuse everybody, and always keep a date in front of their faces, lest they become stumpy. Take the carburetor off their car, slip the engine out, and drain their gas, and as long as the car is movin' JUS TELL `EM IT'S ALMOST OVER! (They'll believe it.)


these mens should be arrested!

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