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Historical video clips culled from the world of Jehovah's Witnesses
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Executive Director WT Robert Wallen on the dangers of "apostasy" from 2001 KM School (8/13/08) 

Barbara Anderson's Tour of Beth-Sarim and Rutherford's secret grave (7/9/08)

Sam Herd, Governing Body member, gives Sunutko-type talk in 2005! (audio only, mp3 format, 9 minute CLIP from talk)

YouTube Videos on Jehovah's Witnesses

Comments You Will Not Hear at the Watchtower Studies (Monthly YouTube Video critique of Watchtower Magazine Studies at the Kingdom Hall)

Jehovah's Witnesses and Mental Illness with Dr. Jerry Bergman on YouTube

NBC Jehovah's Witnesses child sexual abuse on YouTube (11/23/07)

Barbara Anderson on JWs and Pedophiles with  (11/22/07)

Jehovah's Witnesses Beneath the Tower of Fear

THE WAVE:     watch    more about

CULT HUMOR video clips from the world of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Wave - based on a true story

The Wave is based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA (USA), in April 1967. History teacher Ron Jones attempted to teach his pupils the realities of fascism by encouraging them to form a kind of classroom Hitler Youth. This movement became so popular that the life of the whole school was affected. Jones later wrote down his experiences with his history class, and published this as a report entitled " The Third Wave". It was published in many magazines and won Jones instant fame. He was interviewed by radio stations and newspapers, and even appeared on "Good Morning America". Later the story was made into a successful film which was shown on American TV in the autumn of 1981. After this broadcast the novelization rights of the TV film were sold to a large American publishing company which commissioned a well-known writer of young adult fiction, Todd Strasser, to write the novelization of the film version. This he did under the pseudonym Morton Rhue. Ever since its appearance in book form the novel has been extremely popular among young people.

A compilation of Watchtower images from the last few decades, and comments by Circuit Overseer Charles Sunutko (incorrectly identified as a member of the Governing Body) revealing what Witnesses all over the world have hoped for for many years, the destruction of everything that is NOT WATCHTOWER.  Just the kind of people everyone wants for neighbors, no?

Watchtower's statement regarding Disfellowshipping (video from Watchtower's Media site):

Disfellowshipping is a procedure which is laid down in the Bible. . .A young woman who was disfellowshipped and later reinstated said: "I am happy that Jehovah loves his people enough to see that his organization is kept clean. What may seem harsh to outsiders is both necessary and really a loving thing to do. I am grateful that our heavenly Father is a loving and forgiving God."

(video removed as of 3/17/06) 

sandbut.gif (281 bytes) C.T. Russell's orator on RealVideo from the 1913 movie, "Photo Drama of Creation" discussing the Great Pyramid!

sandbut.gif (281 bytes) Listen "What the Future Holds for Us" by Ciro Aulicino of Bethel re: last days, Muslims  NEW 10/02
sandbut.gif (281 bytes)  sandbut.gif (281 bytes)  Listen to 2 short RealAudios by Fred Franz (4th WT pres.) in 1975 about the '75 predictions!
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sandbut.gif (281 bytes) Not-so-historic audio and video clips from the world of Jehovah's Witnesses

Mind Control Made Easy
a new instructional video by Carey Burtt 
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vlc1.html vlc156.html vlc1ISDN.html Pyramids and 1914 15 sec.
vlc2.html vlc256.html vlc2ISDN.html Russell's Gravesite and Pyramid 18 sec.
vlc3.html vlc356.html vlc3ISDN.html The House in San Diego (Beth Sarim) 23 sec.
vlc4.html vlc456.html vlc4ISDN.html Spirit Mediums and John 1:1 25 sec.
vlc5.html vlc556.html vlc5ISDN.html Jesus destroys all non-Witnesses 34 sec.
vlc6.html vlc656.html vlc6ISDN.html Rhonda's family destroyed by Watchtower 24 sec.
vlc7.html vlc756.html vlc7ISDN.html The Deadly Truth about Blood 17 sec.
franz.html franz56.html franzISDN.html "I am ashamed of what I took part in" - Ray Franz 21 sec.

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