7 minute audio tour of Beth-Sarim with Barbara Anderson
NEW 7/08

A “Painstaking” Critique of GB Anthony Morris’s 2007 Convention Talk, “They ‘Keep Following the Lamb No Matter Where He Goes’"

Barb's "official" visit to Beth Sarim in 1993 while still a Witness
NEW 5/08

Libraries at Bethel NEW 4/08

Commentary from "Secrets" CD-rom! NEW 1//1808

Response to allegations of fraud NEW 12/07

Pedophile cases reviewed on new CD-rom

MORE from the "Secrets" CD-rom

New evidence in Jehovah's Witness allegations (11/07)
NBC video YouTube

Barbara Anderson and Watchtower on Google (11/07)

Millerite Adventism and
Fred Franz

NEW 5/07

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Higher Education and Misrepresentation
NEW 5/07

The Discoveries of Barbara Anderson

The “Given Ones,”
Jehovah’s Provision?

Barb Anderson relates amazing info about Knorr, also Senior Bethel Writers

Who Was the FIRST President of the Watchtower?

Barbara's Resume' from Bethel
(updated 10/12/05)

Alan F's email to Knocking.org

Barbara responds to the producers of KNOCKING, a pro-Witness documentary to air on PBS (updated 7/8/05)

Ciro Aulicino Courts the United Nations

The Bethelites Who Almost Went Out With Michael Jackson In Service

Lecture Given: Defending and Legally Establishing the Truth
(UPDATED 5/4/05)