Barbara Anderson's Response to Allegations of Fraud

Following the release of Barbara Anderson's "Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion," in late 2007, Jehovah's Witnesses scrambled to negate the negative publicity in the news (see news and video links in the left bar). For those unbelieving Witnesses who spread the lie that Barbara either wasn't at Bethel or that she was disfellowshipped from Bethel or was asked to leave. These are her long-time friends saying "Goodbye!" and go in peace.


  Goodbye card from Marina Sydlik, wife of deceased GB member, Dan Sydlik. She enclosed a gift of $50.00.  
  Bob Johnson of the Service Department. Bob signed the United Nations NGO forms. GB member Jack Barr and his wife Mildred
Harry Peloyan, editor of the Awake! magazine; Barbara did research for him for the Awake! Vern Wisegarver was operational overseer of the offices GB member Lloyd Barry and Melba Barry
Barbara with visitors and GB member Henschel;
Andersons in Barr's room with Barrs and a U.K. District Overseer and his wife
Barbara and her now deceased parents standing in front of her office at headquarters, 25 Columbia Heights; the Andersons with GB member Jack Barr;  Barbara inside of her office. Karl and Bobbie Adams (both deceased)

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