Barbara Anderson's Comments from her CD compilation:

Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion—Jehovah's Witnesses in Crisis

UPDATE 1/17/08: Barbara Anderson has released her nearly 100-page commentary found on the CD, Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion, Jehovah's Witnesses in Crisis, for general distribution.

Found in this Commentary are specific, extraordinary copies of court documents indicting Jehovah's Witnesses leaders as responsible for making it possible for multitudes of JW kids to be molested. As an example, read the letter from District Overseer, Donald Amy, to the Watchtower, as seen November 21, 2007 on NBC Nightly News, when the secret out-of-court settlement made by Jehovah's Witnesses with victims of molestation in February 2007 was discussed.

Barbara and Joe Anderson want to thank all those who purchased the "Secrets" CD containing the Commentary, and, most importantly of all, the 5,000 pages of court documents from nine lawsuits involving sixteen victims of molestation settled out-of-court, February 2007.

The expense involved to make this CD possible was in excess of $5,000, not including time spent to produce the CD. Happily, revenue received from two donations, plus, profit from sales of the CD, have reimbursed the Anderson's' expenses. The work involved was freely done by Barbara Anderson and others, out of love for those who have been victimized by Jehovah's Witnesses leaders, so that everyone will know these leaders, who claim God is directing solely them, are responsible for covering-up criminal acts for decades.

The Commentary can be read and downloaded to your own computer from Barbara's website and can also be found at other websites. Barbara is giving her permission to anyone else who would like to place the Commentary on their website for the sole purpose to get this important information out.


The Commentary is Version 2 which contains some added text and a few corrections made to the original information. The 5,000 pages of documents still can be obtained by purchase at the print-on-demand company, Lulu. Go HERE for purchase information. Any future profit from sales of the CD will be used for charitable purposes. If Lawrence Hughes sets up a non-for-profit corporation in Canada which can receive donations, he will receive the money.

As of now sales of the CD have slowed down so there is not much profit being generated. FYI, I have it on good authority that recent sales of the CD to procure the court documents have come from attorneys who are pursuing litigation in behalf of child sexual abuse clients against Jehovah's Witnesses. This in itself, Barbara said, makes all the work worthwhile.


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